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Beth Ann Townsend

Abdominal Therapy Collective, Inc. (ATC) Practitioner and Educator, Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy® & Spiritual Healing Practitioner with emphasis on Advanced Pregnancy, Licensed Massage Therapist, Craniosacral Therapy, Visceral Manipulation, Hypopressive Fitness Instructor

Beth Ann has over 40 years of experience practicing meditation, blending western medicine with herbal and complimentary approaches to wellness, both as her career and in her personal life.


Beth Ann has had the privilege of studying with Rosita Arvigo for over a decade focusing on Abdominal Therapies and the Wisdom of Water, Plants and Prayers. Beth Ann is a founding Sun Member of the Abdominal Therapy Collective, Inc. (ATC) with Rosita Arvigo and 17 Members forming a Circle that will honor, pass on, and protect the lineage teachings of Maya H'men, Don Elijio Panti, Miss Hortence Robinson, and traditional healers of Belize. 


Beth Ann has been a Practitioner/Educator of Abdominal Therapy for several years. She offers a variety of services rooted in medical manual therapy as well as traditional healing practices. She has provided complimentary therapies for children and adults since 1998 after completing an 18 year career as Chief Tech, Non-Invasive Cardiology Services specializing in Cardiac Ultrasound, both pediatric and adult, and Peripheral Vascular Studies.

She began studying herbal medicine and complimentary therapies in 1973, applying natural healing practices in her home for her family. Her studies have enabled her to meet and apprentice with Elders from Several Traditional Practices.

Beth Ann has experience with curriculum development and instruction for Medical Massage/Manual Therapy, Organic, Whole-Food Nutrition, Herbal Education at a local Massage Therapy School. It was a natural fit for Beth Ann to become an instructor for the Abdominal Therapy Collective.

Outside of her Practice and Teaching Schedule, Beth Ann devotes her time and energy to her family, friends, companion animals, women's studies of all lineages and organic gardening.   


Rosita and Don Elijio

Dr. Rosita Arvigo and her mentor Don Elijio

Healers and Rosita

Dr. Rosita Arvigo and healers

Beth Ann teaching women's pelvic awareness

Beth Ann teaching the uterine ligaments

Beth Working on Child

Beth's experience includes working on newborns as well as children of all ages

Beth Ann teaching women's wellness

Beth Ann teaching Anatomy & Physiology for Abdominal Therapy

Beth & Bob Townsend with Dr. Rosita Arvigo

Beth Ann & Bob Townsend with Dr. Rosita Arvigo in their home in Grand Rapids, Michigan

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