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September 13-16, 2021
La Crosee, WI

Our professional development courses are experiential, working holistically with mind, body and spirit.

This class focuses on the anterior part of Abdominal Therapy. It’s open to all professional therapists who hold a qualification in anatomy and physiology and are able to perform massage on clients within the legal requirements of their state or country.

The professional development course begins by giving you tools for your own self-care. As you experience this work in your own body you will gain a unique perspective of Abdominal Therapy’s effective techniques. Having established this work through your own experience, you will then learn to apply these techniques in a professional capacity to be offered to your clients.

On completion of this course you are welcomed into our Collective Community and will be able to offer the techniques you have learned immediately.


You will learn:


  • The history and lineage of Abdominal Therapy.

  • How to perform Your Abdominal Massage (YAM).

  • Abdominal and pelvic anatomy and physiology.

  • Common signs and symptoms of pelvic and abdominal conditions.

  • How to perform Abdominal Therapy on your client’s anterior body.

  • The importance of the emotional body on physical function.

  • How to complete our Health Story consultation form.

  • How to apply supportive techniques for specific pelvic and abdominal conditions.

  • How to teach your client YAM and other supportive modalities.

  • How the Abdominal Therapy Collective supports you to grow your business.

Course Information: 

Course Name:     Abdominal Therapy for Professionals

Dates:                    Monday, September 13, 2021 - Thursday, September 16, 2021

Times:                     9 AM - 5 PM  (Central Time)

Instructor:             Beth Ann Townsend

Host:                     Michelle Hendrickson

Location:               Provided upon registration, La Crosse, WI. Contact: Michelle Hendrickson 608-792-9536

Contacts:              For More Information and Registration, Contact: Beth Ann Townsend 616-340-9388


Covid 19 Guideslines as given by the State of WI and the CDC will be reviewed as we approach the starting date for this in-person class. We will be requiring masks for indoor presentations for all people if any students attending have not received the vaccine. We are exploring ways to offer as safe an environment as possible for learning.


  • $1050 USD ($250 deposit required to register, due by August 23, 2021.)

  • Payment in Full or Arrangements to be complete by September 3, 2021

To Register:

  • Contact Beth Townsend at Beth.Ann.Townsend@comcast.net

  • You can pay by check or credit card. (Beth will send a Square invoice to process any credit card payments.)

Upon completion, you will receive:

  • Certificate of Attendance.

  • One-year membership in the Abdominal Therapy Collective (for new members only).

  • Access to our extensive educational resources.

  • Ongoing professional support.

  • Access to our medical advisory board.

  • Listing on our website.

  • Access to attend Part 2 of the professional training.